About us

Welcome to the official blog of Grey hat community.

Who are we?

We are those people who try to secure your online life and use our black hat knowledge for grey hat purposes.We are bad to the wrong and good to the right.We try our best to provide you with justice online.

Who all manage the community?

The community is managed these administrators.
  • 4YU3H41(Ayubhai)
  • MasterHunter (Chintan)
  • Kai
  • Sashi Shekhar
  • Sujan
  • 4!_!54F (Ausaf)
  • Hitesh 
  • Naveen Pareek

Who all manage the blog?

  • 4YU3H41(Ayubhai)
  • Ausaf
  • Sujan
  • Sundhar Anonyomus


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