Free Keylogger? Using a ready keylogger? Configuring a ready keylogger?

Hey Hackers! Today lets see password hacking with ready keylogger works.If you dont know how to make a keylogger or you dont have linux, then still you can hack passwords by using a ready keylogger. Lets see how this works-

Download the keylogger from this site -

After you download, open the setup file and install it.

Now you have successfully installed the keylogger.

Let's see how we configure it-

From the task bar in the hidden icons, open keylogger software.

Startup settings-

✓ Automatically start the program with Windows. 
✓ Start program in hidden mode. 

Invisibility settings-

Change the Hidden mode hotkey as set it at your own.


✓ Keystroke logging 
✓ Copied texts 
✓ Web browsing 
✓ Running applications. 

Email Delivery- 

To enable this option you need to pay the company and buy the pro version of it. 
This will send all the passwords to the provided email.

Report for the picked date: 

Keystrokes and Clipboard- This will show the all passwords which the keylogger has recorded and on what date it did so.

Then click on apply and spy.

Without using linux, you can still steal passwords of your victim.

To create a payload, click on this link-

Google the same for Ios, Mac and Android.

Thank you for reading and do share it with all your friends.

-By 4!_!54F


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